Monday, 27 August 2012

Lunch : Minced Chicken Meat Pasta and Yong Tau Foo

22 August 2012
I have been making Swiss rolls since I know how to make it. 
This chocolate Swiss roll with walnut and coffee cream was specially made for myself . But I still kept some for my brother who like Swiss roll very much.

23 August 2012
The pasta with minced chicken spaghetti was brought by my sister.
The Ingredients of Minced Chicken Meat Sauce - tomatoes , mushroom, onion, carrot ,minced chicken meat ( without celery) and spaghetti sauce. 
It was kept in a container and it was still warm. What I what needed to do was to add in some green chilli.

24 August 2012 
These "yong tau foo " were given by my neighbour Yu-J . 
Lunch Menu :
1. Yong Tau Foo Stuffed Minced Pork - Fried Tofu, Bitter Gourd, Brinjal and Lady Fingers. 
2. Half A Bowl Of Rice.

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