Monday, 27 August 2012

Lunch : Minced Chicken Meat Pasta and Yong Tau Foo

22 August 2012
I have been making Swiss rolls since I know how to make it. 
This chocolate Swiss roll with walnut and coffee cream was specially made for myself . But I still kept some for my brother who like Swiss roll very much.

23 August 2012
The pasta with minced chicken spaghetti was brought by my sister.
The Ingredients of Minced Chicken Meat Sauce - tomatoes , mushroom, onion, carrot ,minced chicken meat ( without celery) and spaghetti sauce. 
It was kept in a container and it was still warm. What I what needed to do was to add in some green chilli.

24 August 2012 
These "yong tau foo " were given by my neighbour Yu-J . 
Lunch Menu :
1. Yong Tau Foo Stuffed Minced Pork - Fried Tofu, Bitter Gourd, Brinjal and Lady Fingers. 
2. Half A Bowl Of Rice.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sea Food

You can find these dried seafood in the shop at Ipoh Old Town.
This shop sells a lot of dried seafood and Chinese herbal.
Most of the ingredients here are for making tonic soup or casseroles.

Small sharks died before they get bigger !

sharks' bones 


Dried cuttlefish

Gecko ( Wikipedia )(蛤蚧 ), it is good for the lung such as dyspnoea ,asthma, cough and impotence. 

A pair - RM15.00 

Toad , RM1.50 per piece

Little golden abalones

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fake Low Sugar Pandan Swiss Roll

What if you can't find any fresh  pandan leaves ( screw pine leaves) around and you would like to have some pandan flavour swiss roll ?

Then , I will get some pandan flavour essence ( photo 3) and green colouring to make a "fake" pandan swiss roll.
This fake Pandan Swiss Roll is low in sugar too. 
But, how about the taste ?
The taste is as"real" as the "fresh pandan leaves" pandan swiss roll:)

Fake Pandan Swiss Roll: ( 14 "X 10" X 1 " baking tray )
4 eggs  ( separate egg yolks and white , 50 g each)
40 g castor sugar ( + egg white )- The sugar content usually is 80g and above ! This would be too sweet for me.
1/8 tsp  cream of tartar

30 ml water
40 ml corn oil
1 tsp pandan flavour essence
1/2 tsp green colouring

50 g cake flour ( or all purpose flour)
1 tbsp corn flour ( about 20 g)

1. Beat egg yolks with mixer for 5 mins. , speed 3.( highest)
2. Beat egg white for 1 mins + castor sugar +cream of tartar. beat 1 mins, speed 3 + corn flour , beat 1 min .
3. Measure water + corn oil + pandan flavour essence + green colouring.
4. + sieve cake flour into beaten egg yolk (1). ( in 3 times )
5. + liquid of (3) into (4) egg yolk batter.
6.  Combine ( 5) and  egg white foam ( 2) with spoon or spatula , stir evenly.
7. Pour the mixture into a greased paper baking tray.

Of Baking ( Preheat Oven ) :
Oven Temperature : 190 degree C ( Lowest rack , my oven Faber brand)
Timing : 15 mins(( lower and upper heat ) , then turn to upper heat ,10 mins to brown the top of the sponge.

Prepare whipping cream :
100 ml whipping cream + 1 tsp vanilla essence ( optional )

How to make into swiss roll ?
1. When the sponge is ready , let cool the sponge on a wire rack for 5 -10 mins.
2. Invert the sponge on a new sheet of  cake lining paper and tear off the greased paper.
3. Make 2 slits horizontally across the sponge at the side nearest to you with a steak knife - for easy rolling.
4. Trim off  45 degree the edge of the sponge at the other side with a kitchen scissor - the sponge will get roll up easily at the end.
5. Spread whipping cream and roll up the sponge.

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