Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Buffet Dinner At Ipoh City and Country Club

There were about 50 of us , an ex-classmates' gathering at Ipoh City and Country Club.
We then have got the chance to meet those long lost friends. Some of them even from the primary school too.
We were at the Banquet Room by ourselves.
Time : 7.30pm
RM50 per pax.

Buffet Menu :
1. Salads Corner -  Potatoes with mayonnaise sauce, salads,beansprout, long beans, deep fried eggs ,and deep fried potato wedges - you can eat this with rojak sauce.
2. Fried Rice - garnished with deep fried onions.
3. Hokkien style Fried Noodle (chow mien) - fish cake. 
4. Chicken curry - for those who didn't take mutton curry.
5. Mutton Curry - I liked the most.
6. Deep Fried Potato Wedges - a lot of potatoes were appeared in the menu !

IMG_1729 salad corner

6. Fish Fillet.
7. Gong Pao Squid ( sotong,宫保苏东)- Those squids were not fresh.
8. Spaghetti Bolognese Sauce -but with minced chicken 
9. Mustard Green with Oyster Sauce - (蚝油菜心),the only dish that has no left over.
10. Dessert - with Swiss rolls , sponge cakes, agar-agar, mango pudding and red bean soup. 

Potato salad with mayonnaise sauce and garnished with  green and red capsicums.
IMG_1727 Potato salad

IMG_1726 salad, Buffet dinner at Ipoh City and Country Club .
IMG_1725 taugeh,bean sproutIMG_1721 Long beansIMG_1724 Deep fried eggsIMG_1720

IMG_1723 Fried potato wedges

IMG_1706 Nasi Goreng,fried rice , 炒饭IMG_1707 fried noodle , 炒面,chow mien
IMG_1709 chicken curry , 咖哩鸡

IMG_1710 mutton curry ,咖哩羊肉

IMG_1713 Deep fried fish filletIMG_1711 Fried potato wedges
IMG_1714 gong bo sotong , 宫保苏东

IMG_1716 spaghetti Bolognese,意大利面

IMG_1718 蚝油菜心,mustard green in oyster sauce

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