Saturday, 14 January 2012

Only Oranges for Lunch

IMG_1151 Breakfast : char koay teow and tea

Since I had a heavy breakfast , there would be no lunch for me.

Breakfast  Menu:
1. Char Koay Teow ( fried flat rice noodle) with lots of chilli. 
I told the hawker that I only liked to have pork slices and prawns to be fried with the noodle. These are fresh food. But no fish cake(鱼饼)for me because fish cake is processed food.
2. A cup of tea - wished to digest faster after taking the oily food.

IMG_1148 Char Koay teow , 炒粿条

Lunch Menu :
Three Oranges - 2 oranges were sweet ,the other was sour !

IMG_1161 Oranges

IMG_1156 Oranges

IMG_1165 Orange wedges

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