Thursday, 19 January 2012

Vietnamese Cuisine In Ipoh

IMG_1261  Vietnamese salad with ripped chicken , 越南沙律 + 鸡丝

I have never been to Vietnam.
So, I don't know what the authentic Vietnamese cuisine taste like.
The Vietnamese food here in Ipoh were crowned with "Vietnamese " ( 越式 ) for each of the dishes.

Vietnamese Dinner Menu For 4 :
1. Vietnamese Salad - with some shredded chicken ( 鸡肉丝)
2. Beef Teriyaki.
3. Vietnamese Platter Combination (拼盘)- There are spring rolls, pork chop slices , chicken chop slices, fish fillet and some noodles too.
4. Vietnamese Tomato Soup Noodle.
5. Vietnamese lemongrass chicken Chop Rice - But my taste bud told me that there was more curry spices (coriander powder) than lemongrass. 
(It tasted like a Malay style fried chicken).
6. Vietnamese Special Beef Noodle Soup - But they don't name it as "Phở" here.
7. 3 cups of Jasmine Tea. ( I only drink water).

Beef Teriyaki - RM8.90
IMG_1266 Vietnamese Beef teriyaki ,牛肉串烧

Vietnamese Platter Combination - RM24.90 ( small)
IMG_1263 Vietnamese Combination ( small)

My portion of DIY spring roll wrapped with rice sheet - Before wrapping.
IMG_1271 DIY spring roll in the restaurant

Spring roll which is in the Platter Combination.
IMG_1270 A segment of spring roll

Vietnamese Tomato Soup Noodle -RM8.90
IMG_1275  Vietnamese tomato soup noodle,越式番茄汤粉

Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken -RM9.90
IMG_1272 BBQ Vietnamese lemongrass chicken

Beef noodle -with some reflection of lighting !

IMG_1282 Phở  - Vietnamese soup noodle ,越式牛肉汤面

IMG_1258 Jasmine Tea is in there

Some photos from the restaurant.
IMG_1297 The corner of a restaurant

IMG_1302 Lighting design

IMG_1301 Lighting design

IMG_1300 Lighting design

Vnam Kitchen Restaurant 越南小厨:
32, Jalan Seenivasagam
Tel: 05- 254 2633
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