Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Chinese Style Beef (Brisket) Noodle

IMG_0706 Fried wanton and other stuffed food. 炸云吞和其他炸料

This stall is at Jalan Guntung,  Buntung, Ipoh.( 怡保文冬口牛腩面)
We needed to drive 40 minutes to Buntung and had been waiting for the food for half an hour just to taste this famous beef brisket noodle and those fried yong tou foo.
But, I only had a piece of yong tau foo ( fried tofu) and a bowl of beef brisket noodle soup.
The rest of the food was too oily for me.

Dinner Menu for 7 :
1. Beef Brisket Noodle with tenderly cooked beef, offal and radish in clear soup ,清汤牛腩面.
2. Fried Yong Tau Foo ( Fried beancurd with stuffed fish fillet) and  fried wanton.酿豆腐和炸云吞
3. Beef Meatballs, Tofu, Stuffed Bitter Gourd (酿苦瓜) 
4. 7 glasses of Barley and Beancurd Stick Water 腐竹薏米水.

IMG_0706 Fried wanton and other stuffed food. 炸云吞和其他炸料

We only had these fried food stuff and beef brisket noodle for dinner.

IMG_0709 清汤牛腩米粉面,Clear soup of Beef brisket and beef beehoon and mee

IMG_0716 牛腩和牛肉,Beef brisket and beef

IMG_0718 tofu and beef meatballs . 豆腐和牛肉丸

IMG_0704 Barley + dried beancurd stick water , 腐竹薏米水
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