Monday, 23 January 2012

Reunion Dinner 2012

IMG_1624 Vietnamese Lemongrass chicken  for reunion dinner 2012, 越式香茅鸡-团圆饭

I was the chef of the reunion dinner 2012.
But,but I usually cook simple meals for myself .
And now, I  needed to cook for 4. It would be too complicated for me . Could I make it ?
I even could't figure out how much food should I prepare for 4 ? 
Therefore, there was some food leftover after dinner.

IMG_1619 Pickled Cucumber  - reunion dinner 2012, 凉拌青瓜 -团圆饭2012
Reunion Dinner Menu 2012 团圆饭:
1. Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken 越式香茅鸡
2. Pickled Cucumber 凉拌青瓜
3. Sweet and Sour Fish 糖醋鱼 - tomato sauce, sugar, vinegar, water and shredded onion. 
4. Braised Pork Trotters + 4 eggs 卤猪脚(前腿)-I cooked two trotters
5. Chinese Cabbage Soup 黄芽白汤
6. Fried Prawn with garlic and ginger 姜蒜煎虾碌
7. Coffee Walnut Cake + Mixed Fruit 咖啡核桃杂果蛋糕- I made 2 big loaves and 2 small loaves ( for sister and neigbour too)
8. Vietnamese Coffee 越式咖啡and Champagne Rose Tea 红茶.

IMG_1625 sweet and sour fish for reunion dinner 2012 , 糖醋鱼,2012团圆饭

IMG_1633 Braised pork trotter and eggs for reunion dinner 2012 , 团圆饭之卤猪脚和卤蛋-

IMG_1636 Chinese Cabbage soup for reunion dinner 2012 - 团圆饭之黄芽白汤

IMG_1635 2011团圆饭之干煎姜蒜吓碌, Fried prawns with ginger and garlic - reunion dinner 2012

(This is the big loaf)
IMG_1641 Coffee walnut and mixed fruit cake + a mug of black coffee

Happy New Year !

IMG_1638 咖啡胡桃+ 杂果蛋糕,Coffee walnut + mixed fruit cake - self creation.
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