Monday, 2 January 2012

Vegetable Soup and Dolly Fish in Curry Powder

Sunday meal time will always not as "normal" as weekdays.
A late breakfast will bring me to a late lunch (4.40pm) too.

The Delivery Menu from My Sister:
1. Vegetable soup with fish cake and homemade salted egg.
2. Frozen Dolly Fish fried with curry powder.

I felt that those curry powder was too strong for this fish.
This curry powder dolly fish would taste better if it was fried with turmeric powder ( 黄姜粉)or cook with  tamarind (罗望子/ 阿叁膏).
IMG_0691 Vegetable soup with fish cake and salted egg

I added some chilli padi on top of the fish.
IMG_0688 Dolly Fish in curry powder , 多莉鱼煎咖哩粉

Photography of the day:
2. Fish in the aquarium .
IMG_0721 Fish

2. Ipoh town ( near Padang Ipoh / The Ipoh Field ) before going for dinner .
IMG_0697  Image of Ipoh 怡保印象
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