Thursday, 15 December 2011

Homemade Salted Eggs

Coarse salt

It is actually cheaper to buy salted eggs than make your own one.
1 duck egg costs RM0.65.
1 salted egg costs only RM0.70.
But , I would like to know how the older generation do these homemade salted eggs on those good old days.

Homemade Salted Eggs: (中文版:自制咸蛋)
Ingredients :

Coarse salt 350 g ( RM0.70 , 1 Kg)
1 litre water 
Duck eggs 10 nos. ( RM0.65 each)

Method :
1. Boiled 1 litre water + coarse salt , let cool.
2. Place duck eggs into a bottle + salted water.
3. Cover the bottle and leave it there for 14 days.
4. After 14 days , boil the salted eggs for 10 minutes before serving.

Note : Do not use bottle that is too big as all eggs must be soaked in salt water.

The bottle was slightly too big in the beginning.Those eggs were float once I poured salt water into the bottle. I changed it into a smaller bottle later.

IMG_2034  Homemade salted eggs ,自制咸蛋(泡在盐水里)

14 days later ..........

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