Friday, 23 December 2011

Ipoh White Coffee

A friend from Johor visited me recently.
Besides visiting those famous limestone caves, eating seems the most important activity to do in Ipoh. 
Drinking famous Ipoh old town white coffee is one of the itinerary for my friend.

The Menu :
1. Iced Ipoh White Coffee.
2. Light cupcakes with blueberry jam and orange flavour cream .
3. Flaky salted egg pastry ( 咸蛋酥).
3. Half boiled eggs.



IMG_0526 咸蛋酥,Flaky Salted Egg Biscuit



IMG_0527 咸蛋酥,Flaky Salted Egg pastry

IMG_0534 Ipoh Old Town White Coffee and half boiled eggs for tea break, 怡保旧街场白咖啡和生熟蛋

IMG_0540 Half boiled egg, 生熟蛋

One of the famous Ipoh white coffee restaurant in Ipoh old town ( 新源隆).

IMG_0520 怡保旧街场,Ipoh Old Town

There are people just come for white coffee.

IMG_0521 Only come for white coffee

The old signboard of the restaurant.

We had durian at home after having white coffee and snack !

IMG_0563 Durian ,榴莲
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