Monday, 5 December 2011

A Delivery Meal

IMG_1976 A complete dinner : Pork, vegetable( long beans) and soup

These dishes were delivered by my sister who lives just near by .
It was a simple and complete meal to me. 
The most important thing is that I didn't need to do too many dishes and clean those pots and pans after cooking :)

The Dinner Menu :

1. Sliced pork fried with salted fish, dried chilli and julienne gingers .
The salted fish was the right amount used here. 
I sent her sms and told her that it was 2 thumbs up for this dish  !

2. Long bean fried with sambal belacan. The cooking time for the long beans was just the exact timing for the right softness that I want.

3. For the packet Knorr Oriental Tiger Lily and mushroom soup  , scrambled egg was added to enhance the taste and the look of the soup .

IMG_1971 Sliced pork fried with salted fish , 瘦肉炒咸鱼

IMG_1973 Long beans fried with sambal belacan

IMG_1978 Knorr oriental soup : Tiger lily and mushroom with scrambled egg , 金针菇蛋花汤
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