Sunday, 25 December 2011

Simple Christmas Eve Meal at Syuen Hotel, Ipoh

We had our Christmas Eve Meal at Syuen Hotel ,Ipoh.
It's not a traditional Christmas meal, without any turkey  to be served. 
But it was rather like the Chinese traditional meal instead.  
RM40.00 per pax.

Christmas Eve Menu At Syuen Hotel , Ipoh:
1. Syuen Five Happiness Platters - kidney beans , black pepper chicken fried with green and red capsicum , jelly fish( 海蜇), prawn salads, omelette,fried fish cake.
2.Braised Fish Lips Soup with Shredded Chicken (鸡丝鱼唇羹).
3.Roast Crispy Chicken with Prawn Crackers.
4.Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Anchovies.
5.Deep Fried Garoupa Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce.
6.Mushroom with Broccoli , Cauliflower and Japanese Tofu.
7. Dessert : Ice Sea Coconut (海底椰 )and Longan.
8. Sponge Cupcakes ( as they said that was for the"Birthday of Jesus Christ")


IMG_0305 Braised fish lips with shredded chicken , 鸡丝鱼唇羹

IMG_0307 Roast crispy chicken with prawn crackers

IMG_0340 Fried Rice with salted fish and anchovies , 银鱼丝咸鱼炒饭


The very dry sponge cupcake, not even had the appetite to finish it ! It shouldn't belong to a 4 stars- hotel standard .

IMG_0351 Deep fried garoupa with sweet and sour sauce , 甜酸石斑鱼

IMG_0352 Deep fried garoupa with sweet and sour sauce ,  甜酸石斑鱼

Deep Fried Fish Garoupa Head
IMG_0360 Deep Fried Garoupa Head, 炸石斑鱼头

The Fish Tail was on my plate.
IMG_0356  Deep fried garoupa fish tail in sweet and sour sauce

IMG_0366 Mushrooms , broccoli ,cauliflowers and Japanese tofu

IMG_0371 Broccoli and mushroom

IMG_0387 Sea coconut and longan dessert , 海底椰龙眼糖水

IMG_0399 Sea coconut and longan dessert , 海底椰龙眼糖水

Simple Christmas decoration at Syuen Hotel ,Ipoh .




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