Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 Year-end Breakfast - Mixed Fruit Pudding

IMG_0601 2011 year-end photo

What is to be recorded before the year-end of 2011?
I was so lucky to have a photo shooting of a yellow bird which perched on the clothing line and greeted me before I started my breakfast .

The breakfast item was supposed to be a Mixed Fruit Bundt Cake but it turned out as a disaster as this baker ( Yan )  made the wrong measurement of butter and flour ! 
So , the cake was too oily !

Disaster Management :
I needed to mix 100g of flour + 1 cup of milk + 2 beaten eggs +  the mashed mixed fruit cake, soaked for 10 mins.
Time : 1 hour 15 mins
Oven temperature : 190 C
End result :  Luckily it turned out well and yummy !

IMG_0602 Breakfast : Mixed fruit pudding and coffee - 2011 year-end photo

The year-end 2011 Breakfast Menu in the Noon:

1. Mixed Fruit Pudding 
2. Coffee with milk 


IMG_0612 2011 year-end photo

A snoopy cup of coffee with milk.
IMG_0614 Snoopy cup -2011 year-end photo

After the disaster management for the mixed fruit bundt cake.

IMG_0592 Mixed Fruit Pudding

Voila !

Happy New Year 2012 !
IMG_0593 Mixed Fruit Pudding
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