Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Slices of Pork Curry with Kaffir Lime Leaves

IMG_0271 Preparation for a kaffir lime leaves curry

Cooking curry using those leftover ingredients in the fridge.
Those ingredients were tamarind, dried chilli , lemongrass ,ginger ,onion, garlic and the kaffir lime leaves which was quite dry as I plucked them few days ago.
The kaffir lime leaves need to be shredded before cooking in order to bring out the aroma of the leaves.

Lunch  Menu :

1. Slices of Pork Curry with kaffir lime leaves.
Kaffir lime leaves adding an aromatic and astringent flavour to the pork curry and it really made me want to cook this curry again in future.

2. Fried Kangkong (water convolvulus ) with garlic. 
The kangkong was also lying in the fridge for 3 days as you can see that they are yellowish in the leaves.

IMG_0273 Slices of pork curry

Easy Pork Curry Recipe:
The ingredient of curry paste for a small bowl of pork curry:
A :
1 onion 
1/2 garlic
1 segment of ginger
(little finger size) turmeric
2 pc dried chilli ( you can put more - own preference )
3 stalks of lemongrass

3 pcs kaffir lime leaves
2 tomatoes
100 gpork slices
2 tbsp curry powder for meat

Seasoning :
2 tbsp curry powder
salt and pepper

1. Pound A  with pestle and mortar.  Fried A until fragrant with medium heat to avoid burning.
2. + pork slices + tomato + kaffir lime leaves + curry powder
3. Seasoning - salt and pepper , sugar.

IMG_0281 Slices of pork curry 咖哩猪肉片

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