Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pak Kong Chicken Rice at Jalan Theatre , Ipoh

IMG_2071 chicken rice with white chicken , roast chicken and roasted intestine

We were around Ipoh New Town.
The nearest and the famous chicken rice, Pak Gong Chicken Rice (白宫鸡饭)is just around the corner.
So, We decided to patronise at this Chicken rice restaurant. It was crowded during lunch hour and we waited less than 10 minutes to be seated.

Lunch Menu for 3 :
1 plate of yellow rice 
2 plates of white rice
White chicken and roast chicken 
Sour vegetables


IMG_2079 Sour vegetable 芥菜

This savoury chilli sauce is the thickest chilli sauce that I have ever seen. It completes the meal with extra fragrant be it the rice or the chicken. Impressive.
The other chicken rice sauce out there is rather watery .
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