Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dim Sum for Breakfast

IMG_2143  Dim Sum 点心 :  大包和叉烧包

Dim sum is quite heavy for me as they are high cholesterol, high sodium and they have too much fat.
But I still have them once in a blue moon. 
My favourite dim sum is only siu mai . 
That is a must have item whenever in the dim sum restaurant.

The Breakfast Menu :

We ordered 1 big pau (RM4 ) - with pork slices , hard boiled egg, mushroom and some yam bean "sha guot" .
2 char siew pau - char siew mixed with lean meat and fat . Those fat make me avoid taking char siew pau regularly.
3 pieces of fried prawn rolls served with mayonnaise sauce.
IMG_2145 dim sum  点心:虾卷

3 Har Gao 

IMG_2147 dim sum : har gao , 虾饺

The last Siu Mai was for me. But this Siu Mai was not up to the standard of the real siu mai .
IMG_2149 Dim Sum :siu mai 烧卖
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