Monday, 30 April 2012

Assam House Restaurant , Ipoh

We ordered some dishes suitable for kids and some for adults.
We have been waiting for about half an hour to be served.
Address :  Assam House Restaurant , Greentown, Ipoh

Dinner Menu :

1. Sambal Sotong with Petai
2. Tofu with Carrot , Sweet Pea and Mushroom 
3. Fried Chicken with Hot and Spicy Sauce.
4. Claypot Brinjal 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tomato and Chives Omelette

Keep cooking and keep eating is my everyday routine  when I feel hungry.
Tend to make everything easier for myself when I am too hungry.
And, an egg is the easier thing to get when everything is out of stock .
I cut those chives from my backyard.

Dinner Menu :
1. Tomato and Chives Omelette.
2. Fried Lady Fingers with Onion and Belacan ( Local shrimp paste)

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Indian Meal

3 of us decided to have Indian food in a Chinese operate restaurant .
This Indian food stall is patronized by 3 races here.

Indian Food Menu :
1. Mutton Curry and Mixed Vegetable Pickle - for me 
2. Fish , Petai and Mixed Vegetable Pickle - C's Husband
3. Mutton Curry, french beans and curry egg - C's

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tea Break - Coffee Swiss Roll and Steaming Cup Dessert

The gula melaka and pandan  steaming cup dessert were given by my neighbour.
The coffee Swiss roll was brought  by a friend.
So, there were two dessert for tea break that day. 
What a sweet day !

Tea Break
Two Types of Dessert and A Mug of Black coffee without Sugar

Monday, 23 April 2012

Chicken Rice and Roast Pork Rice

I have joined two friends for lunch in the restaurant.
So, there was not home cooking.
Both of them ate chicken rice but I preferred roast pork rice with braised egg.
We ordered some side dishes such as sour vegetables and curry bitter gourd and egg plant stuffed with meat in order to make our lunch not too "mono taste". 

My Lunch Menu :
1. Roast Pork Rice 
2. A no. of braised egg
3. A Mug of Dragon Fruit Juice 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Brunch - Lemongrass and Tomato Kway Teow Soup

This is breakfast.
This is lunch too.
I need to cook lunch at 3pm if I were to take bread for breakfast.
So,why not just combined both meals together ?

Brunch Menu :

1. Lemongrass and Tomato Kway Teow Soup( Rice noodles) - with pork slices , carrots slices and omelette.
2. A mug of coffee

Prop : Money plant and fern from my backyard.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tea Break - Banana Cake

 Banana cake has become the all-time-favourite after the chocolate marble cake for us.
A cup of hot coffee is the best companion for this dessert.

Tea Break Menu :
 2 pieces of Banana Cake
1 mug of hot coffee without sugar

Photograph of the Day : Butterfly

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sweet Pea and Tofu Soup Kway Teow ( Rice Noodle )

What can you cook with these limited items ( chilli, sweet pea , cooked pork and tofu) with you ?
I would cut some lemongrass from the backyard just to make the soup taste better since I like lemongrass.

Dinner Menu :
A bowl of Sweet Pea and Tofu Soup Kway Teow 

Sweet Pea and Tofu Kway Teow ( Rice Noodle):
Ingredient A:
Sweet Pea
Tofu ,  cut cube
lemongrass cut into wedges

A piece of Instant Kway Teow ( rice noodle , made in Thailand)
cooked pork slices

Seasoning :
"Abalone sauce"
Anchovies stock granules
Garnish with chilli

1.  Boil instant kway teow for 4 minutes and drain off the water before making another bowl of soup.
2. Boil water + ingredients A + instant kway teow + seasoning + cooked pork slices.
3. Serve while it is boiling hot !

Friday, 13 April 2012

Noodles and Rojak

 My friends and I decided to go Ipoh New Town (怡保新街场乐会居餐室) to take our lunch there.
We prefer noodles and some light snacks.

Lunch Menu:
1. Chinese Thick Pancake with margarine and peanut filling (大块面).
2. Beef Brisket Noodle 牛腩面 , Chinese Style- That was the last bowl of the day as the hawker told me so.
3. Ipoh Hor Hee Noodle( 河嘻粉)
4. Rojak - Mixed Fruit with prawn paste( 虾膏 )and crushed peanut.

Sauce for dipping rojak 

Crackers for the rojak .

It was the first time for me to drink this 7-up + ice cream + red syrup.

After leaving the restaurant , some of the photo shooting.


A wall. 

Another piece of wall.

Wall again with some Chinese characters " the car park "- 停车场

The sun.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Some Orchids And Roses

An orchid exhibition is held at the carpark of Tesco Extra ,Ipoh.
These orchids are not only from the nursery in Ipoh but also from other parts of Malaysia.
But we also found some roses there as well.

Red , yellow and pink roses.

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