Tuesday, 3 April 2012

An Abundant Dinner For 9

We had dinner with our cousin and her family who came from Kuala Lumpur.
This is the restaurant that we always patron at for family gathering.
We had been waiting for about 40 minutes when the first course of dish was on the table.

We also brought along a can of special Chinese Tea leaves from Taiwan. I had 2 small cups although I don't drink Chinese Tea because it was really good !
Li Shan Tea from Taiwan ( 台湾梨山茶)

Brewing the tea.

Chilli padi  , garlic and soy sauce.

Dinner Menu : 

 Braised Chicken with roast pork, mushrooms, lap cheong ( Chinese sausage). The meat was really soft.

Braised pork rib with tomato and sour plum sauce and chilli.

Spicy and sour curry stingray meat. This dish usually comes in a claypot but why it was in a metal plate ? Just look at those curry , it was almost spilled over on the table .

Fried angled gourd with prawns ,tofu bok and mushrooms.

Young squids in soy sauce.

3-Good Seafood Restaurant  三好海鲜美食馆,怡保巴占新市镇
Bercham New Town 
Ipoh .

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