Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sweet Pea and Tofu Soup Kway Teow ( Rice Noodle )

What can you cook with these limited items ( chilli, sweet pea , cooked pork and tofu) with you ?
I would cut some lemongrass from the backyard just to make the soup taste better since I like lemongrass.

Dinner Menu :
A bowl of Sweet Pea and Tofu Soup Kway Teow 

Sweet Pea and Tofu Kway Teow ( Rice Noodle):
Ingredient A:
Sweet Pea
Tofu ,  cut cube
lemongrass cut into wedges

A piece of Instant Kway Teow ( rice noodle , made in Thailand)
cooked pork slices

Seasoning :
"Abalone sauce"
Anchovies stock granules
Garnish with chilli

1.  Boil instant kway teow for 4 minutes and drain off the water before making another bowl of soup.
2. Boil water + ingredients A + instant kway teow + seasoning + cooked pork slices.
3. Serve while it is boiling hot !

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