Monday, 5 December 2011

3 People , 3 Noodles

IMG_1537 Fried Yi Mien, 炒伊面

3 people's late dinner at 10.30pm. 
Venue : Bercham , Ipoh , Perak .
We ordered 3 types of noodles and shared them among us. 
So , each of us can taste 3 types of noodles at the same time.

Dinner Menu :
Dish 1 : Fried Yi Mien - Fried noodle with mustard green , fish cakes ,prawns and pork. 

Dish 2 : Sinchew fried beehoon -  fried rice vermicelli with vegetables, bean sprouts, egg and prawns. But why there wasn't any char Siew ? I wondered. 

Dish 3 : Wat Dan Hor  - fried flat rice noodles with prawns , mustard green and egg gravy.

Sinchew fried Beehoon
IMG_1538 Sinchew Fried Beehoon ,星洲炒米粉

Wat Dan Hor
IMG_1542 Wat Dan Hor , 滑蛋河
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