Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Lazy Day

IMG_0169 Fried koay teow

To buy food from outside is the best thing you can do when you are lazy to cook and when you are hungry.
Some women even say that they have "no mood " to cook. I do say that sometimes.

The Lazy Menu:

1. Fried Koay Teow( RM4) with pork slices, prawns, green vegetables and bean sprout. 
1. Mixed Fruits?( RM2) - Guava, pineapple, umbra, and mangoes sprinkled with sour plum powder ( 酸梅粉). Eating mixed fruits in order to have a " balance diet" for the day.

IMG_0171 Mixed fruit - guava , pineapple ,umbra , mangoes, Sprinkled of plum powder 酸梅粉

 Halves of umbra
IMG_0173 umbra fruit
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