Monday, 9 January 2012

Tofu and Tomato

IMG_0924 Tofu and tomato ,番茄和豆腐

It was almost 8pm when I started to prepare dinner. I was starving !
So, it had got to be a quick one.
The frying pan is big enough ( 10 inches diametre base ) to cook 2 things in. 
All right , I would just fried them together in order to save time and gas.

Dinner Menu:
1. Saute Tomato wedges without salt.
2. Saute Tofu without salt, garnished with green chilli.
3. Halve of  Homemade Salted Egg ( Leftover from yesterday).
3. Fruits -  Rambutan ( Direct translate as "Hairy fruit ") and Langsat from a Malay friend who plucked from their "dusun" ( orchard in Malay Language) , Kuala Kangsar. Of course , I only ate some of these , not all .

IMG_0927 番茄和豆腐,tofu and tomato

IMG_0937  Tofu , tomato and homemade salted egg


IMG_0939 Rambutan and langsat in seasons ,红毛丹和冷撒季节

Red : Rambutan
Beige : Langsat

IMG_0941 Rambutan and langsat in seasons红毛丹和冷撒季节

Share a photo of rambutan with you which I shot at my friend's house ( she bought these rambutans )in the evening ,15 Dec 2011.

IMG_0268 Rambutan
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