Thursday, 12 January 2012

Potato Curry and Pickled Cucumber

IMG_1058  Potato Curry

I was too lazy to go out to buy the meat.
Because of laziness and it made me to be a vegetarian for this meal.
The design of a bowl of hot  & spicy food and a sweet and sour cucumber.

Menu of a Lazy Day :
1. Potato Curry with Diced Carrot. 
Curry paste was pre-cooked and it was kept in the freezer.
2. Pickled Cucumber and Shredded Onion + Red chilli Padi.
3.  Dessert : Durian ( Translate as a thorny fruit). 

IMG_1059 Ingredient for pickled cucumber : slices of cucumber , shredded onion, red chilli padi , vineger ,salt and sugar , 凉拌青瓜

IMG_1064 Potato curry  and diced carrot

IMG_1060 Pickled cucumber with shredded onion and chilli

IMG_1065 Lunch set : Potato curry and pickled cucumber

Also, show you how to open a durian since it was round and running around.
And , it was a creamy and yummy durian !

IMG_1069 How to open a durian ?

Voila !

IMG_1070 Creamy durian
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