Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Some Crispy Butter Cookies and Coffee After Lunch

IMG_1319 Butter cookies

Making butter cookies without a cookies press but using an icing pipe which I borrowed from a friend.
At last, the icing pipe could't resist the hardness of the cookies dough, it broke !
My skill of pressing those cookies was too bad and each of the cookies won't be the same ~ !
I only brought her few pieces cookies :P

Menu :
1.Crispy Butter Cookies ( I didn't take the cookies)
2. Coffee
3. Pineapple with Sour Plum Powder ( 酸梅粉)
IMG_1341 Butter cookies and coffee

Crispy Butter Cookies:
Ingredients :
300 g butter
100 g icing sugar
270 g flour
70 cornflour

1. Beat butter + icing sugar.
2. + flour + cornflour + salt
3. Use piping nozzle or cookies press to make these cookies.
4. Oven : 180 degree  C.
5. Time :15-20 mins.

IMG_1343 Crispy Butter cookies, 牛油曲奇

IMG_1346 Pineapple with sour plum powder  黄梨 + 酸梅粉

Some photographs taken from her garden.
IMG_1352 yellow chrysanthemum



IMG_1357 Pink flowers and buds


IMG_1361 翠雀珊瑚果子

IMG_1347 Yellow chrysanthemum

"Kinki" , the dog. 
IMG_1348 Kinki the dog
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