Friday, 13 January 2012

Tea Break : Low Sugar and High Fiber Banana and Oat Biscuits

IMG_1176 Before making banana and oat biscuits

It's tea break again !
I had nothing to chew with.
Thinking of eating something "healthy" when looking at those bananas and oat. 
I would like to make some biscuits which is low sugar and high fiber.

Tea Break Menu:
1. Banana and Oat Biscuits - low sugar and high fiber.
2. 1/2 cup of black coffee ( Kopi-O ) without sugar.

IMG_1187 Tea break : Banana and oat biscuits and a cup of black cofee

IMG_1184 Banana and oat biscuits

Banana and Oat Biscuits :
2 bananas + 2 tbsp oat + 2 tbsp flour +1/2 tbsp sugar +1tsp butter + 30 ml water. 

1. Mixed all ingredients.
2. Oven temperature : 220 degree C.
3. Time : 30 mins.

IMG_1178 Banana and oat biscuits


IMG_1183 Green leaves
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