Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Breakfast : Wanton Noodle

IMG_1969 早餐 :云吞面 + 咖啡 ; Breakfast : wanton noodle + coffee

It was a heavy breakfast .
The wanton noodle was given by my neighbour Fang- J.
And you will never get such a big portion of wanton noodle from the hawker or from the restaurant !

Breakfast Menu :
1. A bowl of wanton noodle with various ingredients - Chinese mushroom, wantons, braised chicken feet and mustard green
2. A mug of sugarless black coffee

IMG_1971 冬菇,Chinese mushroom

IMG_1972 云吞,wanton

IMG_1973 卤鸡脚,Braised chicken feet
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