Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tea Break :Chinese New Year Cookies and Coffee

IMG_1986 Hor  Fun Soup with braised pork, Chinese mushroom and cabbage, 卤肉冬菇,黄芽白河粉汤-

I had an excuse to take tea break after a simple noodle for lunch. 

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1. Lunch  :  Home cooked Hor Fun Soup with braised pork , Chinese Mushroom and Chinese Cabbage 
2. Tea Break  : Chinese New Year Cookies - given by  neighbours -  Kuih Kapit ( Love Letters), Sesame Cookies, and Walnut cookies ( 核桃酥)
3. Half a mug of coffee - A mug of coffee will be too much for me at 5pm !

IMG_1990 Tea Break : Chinese New year cookies and half a mug of coffee with milk

IMG_1992 下午茶 :年饼 - Tea break : Chinese New Year Cookies - Love letters , sesame cookies and walnut cookies, 核桃酥,芝麻饼和Kuih Kapit


Both trays of cookies were given by neighbours.

This tray of cookies was from Fang- J.
IMG_1555  Cookies sets

This was from Yu-J.
IMG_1995 kuih kapit and arrowhead root ,炸慈菇

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