Saturday, 25 February 2012

Set Lunch Of ICCClub

Lunch at ICC Club , Ipoh.
3 of us ordered the " Special Set Meal B-1", RM35 .
We ordered another Lemon Chicken which was not lemony enough although the chicken skin was crispy.

Set Lunch Menu :
1. Thai Hot and Spicy Tom Yam Soup - Only has tom yam taste but not "tom yam" enough in the ingredient. 
2. Stir Fried Kailan (Kale) with Salted Fish.
3.   Deep Fried Dory Fish with San Mei Sauce - but the sauce taste "oyster" for me.
4. Egg FooYong - No char siew but with prawn , julienne of carrot and slices of onion.
5. Where is the coffee and tea ? - They only provided Chinese Tea.
6. No dessert ? Yes .No Dessert at all !

Lemon Chicken was not included in the set lunch menu.

A simple printed menu.

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