Sunday, 15 July 2012

Spicy Black Pepper Beef Liver

I bought a piece of beef liver and decided to make a stir-fry black pepper beef liver.
It was cook according to the oriental style.

Spicy Black Pepper Beef Liver (辣味黑胡椒牛肝):

Ingredients A :
beef liver 
julienne ginger 
french cut half an onion
chopped garlic
red and green chilli

Seasoning(B) :
crushed black peppercorns
corn flour
fish sauce 
black soy sauce ( optional)

Cooking Method:
1. Thinly slice beef liver to about 3-4 mm.
2. Marinate the beef liver with seasoning (B) + ginger+  green + red chilli for 15 mins
3. Heat the frying-pan :+ ginger and onion + marinated beef liver. 
4. Stir fry the beef with high heat for 1 mins + hot water and fry for 2 mins.
( * Longer cooking time will cause beef liver hard and tough in texture )

Lunch Menu :
1. Stir-fried Spicy Black Pepper and Beef Liver 辣味黑胡椒牛肝
2. Saute Little Bok Choy - no salt 清炒小白菜 - 无盐

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