Monday, 29 October 2012

A Cheap Indian Meal

This was the cheapest Indian Meal that I ever had near my neighbourhood, Jalan Bercham ( 17 路, 海明茶室)
That was only RM3.50 ! It was a steal !

Lunch Menu:
1. Indian Meals - Chicken curry, long beans , spicy brinjal, pickled cucumber and a piece of cracker.

2. A piece of Yong Tau Foo ( Fried Tofu stuffed with minced meat)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Low Sugar Lemon Mixed Nut Cakes

I have some mixed nuts and lemons with me .
So, I decided to make 2 loaves of  Lemon Mixed Nut Cake, for the first time.
These cakes were full of lemons aroma and yet the crunchiness of nuts.

( Low Sugar ) Lemon Mixed Nut Cakes :

300 g butter / margarine.
120 g castor sugar ( because those golden raisins are quite sweet , so less sugar was added )
300 g all purpose flour  ( + 2 tsp baking powder , sieve )
100 g golden raisin ( cut into smaller piece )
100 g chopped mixed nuts ( roasted or fried with non-stick pan) + 1/4 tsp salt
6 eggs ( about 60 g each)
30ml lemon juice  ( 2 tbsp )
2 tbsp lemon zest

Method :
1. Beat butter + castor sugar until fluffy and pale ( with electric mixer ,speed 3 for 10 mins)
2. + egg one at a time with electric mixer.
3. Sieve in flour and baking powder ( mixed with spoon).
4. + lemon juice + lemon zest.
5. + golden raisin and mixed nuts.

Oven temperature : 180 C ( Lower heat for 20 mins) then turn to lower and upper heat for another 10 mins.

....................The next morning..............
My Breakfast Menu:
2 pieces of Lemon Mixed Nut Cakes 
A mug of black coffee without sugar.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Coffee Swiss Roll with cream cheese filling

This is my second attempt to make Coffee Swiss Roll with cream cheese filling.
The first cream cheese mixture was :  250g cream cheese ,50 g butter , 30 g sugar ,1 tbsp lemon juice and 1/2 of lemon zest. 
But I found that lemon cheese cream didn't go well with coffee flavour. And it is a bit hard without some whipping cream.
 So , I sat there and thought of a better improvement on the texture of cream cheese combination to go along with my coffee Swiss roll.

Coffee Swiss Roll with cream cheese filling: ( Swiss Roll pan 10 " X 14"X 1" )

Swiss roll sponge ( separated egg method will produce a finer texture). Recipe

Egg yolk batter:
4 egg yolks 
50 g superfine flour ( You can use low protein flour for finer texture too)
1 tsp cocoa powder ( too much cocoa powder will become chocolate Swiss Roll) 
40 ml hot water + 2 tsp instant coffee. Let cool.
30 ml corn oil

Egg white foam:
4 egg white
50 g sugar ( 60 g or 70 g, if you like it sweet )
1/8 tsp cream of tartar 

 Click here for Method: 

Cream Cheese filling: (I like the texture of this cream cheese especially under room temperature )
200 g cream cheese ( room temperature)
50 g butter ( room temperature)
70 ml whipping cream ( whip them separately for about 3 mins before combining with the cream cheese and butter mixture)
50 g castor sugar ( I use sweeten whipping cream , so  I didn't add sugar into this filling)

1. Beat cream cheese and butter for 5 mins , speed 3 ( I use Philips mixer).
2. Beat whipping cream.
3. Beat cream cheese +butter + whipping cream until smooth .

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