Friday, 5 April 2013

Raspberry Jam Drops

I made these jam drops from " Essential Baking " cookbook .
I need to place them on a 14" X 10 " tray twice. You can find this from "Delicious Magazine". They have almost the same recipe. ( The quantity of sugar and jam has reduced )
It is better to eat this jam drops within the day of baking.
As I kept this in the container, the moist of the jam has made these cookies very soft and you need to bake it again before eating.
** Do not stack them in the container too.

Raspberry Jam Drops
80 g unsalted butter ,soften
45 g icing sugar ( original recipe : 90g )
2 tbsp milk
1/2 vanilla extract
125 g self raising flour
40 g custard powder or instant vanilla pudding mix  ( I used Tesco Choice Brand , I guess it has too much yellow colouring and the taste is not what I expected )

100 g raspberry jam

1. Preheat the oven to 180 C ( 350 F)
2. Line baking tray with baking paper. ( I greased the tray with butter )
3. Cream the butter + sugar in a small bowl using electric beaters until light and creamy.
4. + milk + vanilla extract, beat until combined.
5. + sifted flour + custard powder and mix to form a soft dough.
6. Roll heap teaspoons of the mixture into balls and place on the tray.
7.Make an indentation in each ball using the end of a wooden spoon and fill with a little of the jam.
8. Baking time  : 15 mins. , middle rack.

Verdict : I love this jam drops because it is not too oily while eating. The raspberry jam has enhanced the taste of the cookies. Although I have never tried other brand of custard powder, I don't like the colour of the custard powder and the custard powder taste is too strong. I will only use 20 g of custard powder and 20 g of corn flour when I do this next time :)

IMG_0840  Raspberry Jam Drops
 Tea Break : Raspberry jam drops with half a cup of black coffee without sugar.
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