Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shabu Shabu

This buffet style of shabu shabu was taken on the second day of Chinese New Year.
3 women were still hesitated what to eat when we were going out at 9 pm. 
Finally, we found this shabu shabu at De Garden, Ipoh.
One of my friend was only wished to have something light. 
So, we couldn't take so much for such late dinner.

IMG_0512 shabu shabu dishes

My wok of shabu shabu.

IMG_0511 My wok of shabu shabu - abalone mushroom and dried beancurd - 1st round
Soy sauce , sesame sauce and chilli sauce.
IMG_0514 Front : soy sauce , sesame sauce and chilli sauce IMG_0518 Beef slices for shabu shabuBeef slices

I usually avoid taking " processed food" but C still liked to take some because she said those food was really "cute". 

My choice of enorkie mushrooms ,白玉菇。
IMG_0522 Enorkie mushroom

海蜇 ,squids
IMG_0507 海蜇, jelly fish

IMG_0523 Dessert for me
IMG_0532 Dessert .

Finally , I "invented" my type of ice-cream with the triple flavour agar-agar ( from the above picture). Am I "clever" enough ?
IMG_0534 NZ natural  ice cream mixed with pudding

Monday, 4 February 2013

Sambal Petai

I myself usually don't cook such petai in my meal.
This Sambal Petai was given by a friend.
It's pungent, hot and spicy.
The after eating effect is even worse than what you can imagine !

Lunch Menu :
1. Sambal Petai
2. Stir-fried Four Season Beans with Preserved Radish (榨菜)and Mince Meat.


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Apple Walnut and Sunflower Seeds Muffins

IMG_0297 Chunks of apples for apple walnut muffinsIMG_0299 Walnut + sunflower seeds + flour + baking powder + sugar

I made muffins for breakfast again.
This time is apple walnut and sunflower seeds muffins.
I didn't put too much sugar as I don't like them too sweet.

Breakfast Menu :
 An Apple Walnut and Sunflower seeds muffin.
A Mug of Coffee

IMG_0300  Mixture of apple walnut muffin

Apple Walnut and Sunflower Seeds Muffins: ( 6 muffin pans)
Dry ingredients: ( Mixed well )
200 g flour
2 tbsp castor sugar ( 40g)( You can increase sugar content according to your own taste)
2 tsp baking powder 

50 g chopped and roasted ( or pan fried ) walnut
50 g sunflower seeds

Liquid Ingredients: ( mixed well)
2 Beat eggs ( 70 g each)
1 apple , cut into chunk ( 160 g each before it is skinned and cored )
90 ml water
3 tbsp corn oil ( =30 ml)

Method :
1. Mix dry ingredients + liquid ingredients into lumpy mixture.
2. Oven temperature : 180 C ( Middle rack , upper and lower heat).
3. Time : 35 mins ( muffins become golden in colour ).

IMG_0305 Apple walnut muffins

IMG_0309 Apple walnut muffin
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