Tuesday, 6 March 2012

3-Meals Of The Day

These were the 3-meals of the day.
9am took breakfast.
12pm took lunch.( But I wasn't hungry at all!)
11pm had dinner !
But the timing between the meals seemed wrongly set !

Menu Of The Day :

Breakfast at Ipoh Garden South:
1.Beef Noodle - with radish and garnished with Chinese Parsley 
2. A Cup of White Coffee.

  Lunch at Bercham, Ipoh:
1. Roast Duck and Roast Pork Rice 
2. A Plate of Mixed Fruit

Dinner at 818 Taugeh Chicken Restaurant ,Bercham : 
1.Shredded Chicken Hor Fun Soup ( gai xi hor fun 鸡丝河粉)
2.Ipoh Taugeh ( Ipoh Famous Beansprout) with sesame oil and soy sauce.

This bowl of flat noodle ( hor fun ) was belonged to my friend.
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