Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ang Ku Kueh ( Red Tortoise Cake)

These Ang Ku Kueh ( Red Tortoise Cake,红龜粿 )are molded to a resemble tortoise shell ( traditionally are made by wood and you can find them in plastic nowadays).
The filling for these kueh ( cake) here is mung beans, grated coconut with gula melaka ( palm sugar,椰糖)and also crushed peanut.
But I my favourite ang ku kueh are those with mung bean and grated coconut with gula melaka.

Dessert of the Day :
1. (Green )Ang Ku Kueh - with grated coconut and gula melaka filling.
2. (Red) Ang Ku Kueh - with mung beans and crushed peanut. 

These ang ku kueh are not too sweet and the skin is soft . Thumbs up !

Chang Wang Cake Shop 钻旺西菓店
Add : 220, Jalan Bercham,
Taman Ria,
31400 , Ipoh
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