Thursday, 1 March 2012

Malaysians' Sunday Breakfast


It was Sunday morning.
We were having breakfast at the Kopitiam ( 咖啡店,A restaurant which usually you can have coffee there) when our relatives came visit us from Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday Breakfast Menu :
1. Dried Curry Noodle with shredded chicken, char siew and roast pork siu yuk and lots of peppermint leaves.
2. My bowl of  Curry Beehoon Noodle ( soup type) - with the same ingredients as dried curry. It was too oily and I scooped out those oil before eating !
3. Portuguese Egg Tarts 葡京蛋挞- I think those egg tarts were not " burnt" enough on the surface.
4. Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun 香港猪肠粉- with char siew filling.
5. Soup Noodle - with some fried food stuff.
6. Barley Water.

Fried food stuff 

 Barley water

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